about the artist...

Hello and welcome! I'm so excited to share my story and passion with you. I began my career in beauty unexpectedly ten years ago working with as a freelance artist industry-leading brands. The world of cosmetics challenged me and intrigued me, and the more I learned, the deeper I loved my work and the further I chased my beauty education. I sought out renowned artists to learn from and guide me. My passion stemmed not from the glitter and the gloss (although those are loads of fun!) but from the smiles and tears from my lovely clients. The makeup experience is deeply personal and intimate, each client comes to me with their own insecurities and hopes, and I take so much pride in my ability to bring my expertise in harmony with your vision to create artful and customized beauty.  I enjoy the versatility in my work, whether it's pampering a bride on her most memorable day, or working with a team of creatives to breathe life into their art. It is a blessing to love what I do, and I truly can't wait to work with you!

Sacramento Makeup Artist
in my kit...
Sacramento Makeup Artist

quality + durability

My duty #1 as your artist is to make you look your absolute best and that your makeup will last all day - through all the tears and kisses. I screen all my products for high quality ingredients and test them vigorously for long wear. Everything in my kit is tried and true, so you can feel gorgeous and worry-free.

cruelty-free + ethical

I only stock my kit with brands who do not test on animals at any stage of production. There are so many high quality brands that stand up to unethical practices, there is no reason why beauty should mean harm to any living critter. 

diversity + inclusion

I carry a wide range of shades and textures in my kit to accommodate all skin tones and types. I don't like to support brands that don't offer an inclusive shade range. I believe all artists should be trained and equipped to serve all faces.

sustainability + sanitation

As I work in my personal life to reduce waste, I try to also do so in my professional life! While some disposable products are necessary to ensure sanitation in my kit, I've made every possible eco-friendly swap and look for products with minimal packaging and reduce plastic use where possible. All of my empties are recycled by Origins Recycling Program (they accept all brands!). Everything in my kit is clean and sanitized for the safety of my clients.